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    Đây là mẫu fixture note mình post để mọi người tham khảo nhé.

    China Chamber of International Commerce
    Fixture Note of Voyage Charter Party
    2000 Standard Form
    It is mutually agreed between__________________________________________as Owners (address:_______________________________________fax:___________telephone:_________)
    and_________________________________________________________________as Charterers
    that this Fixture Note shall be performed subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1Particulars of Performing Vessel:
    Classification:_____________________Registered Shipowners:_______________________
    GT/NT/DWT:_____________/_____________/_____________TS SSW:______________
    LOA/BM:_________/__________MS Grain/BaleCapa:___________/___________CBMS
    [add other items when necessary]________________________________________________
    2Cargo and Quantity: [ Indicate AlternativeAorBwith√]
    [ ] A______m/ts of ___________________________in____[bag or bulk],____% more or less at ________ option [Owners' option or Charterers' option].
    [ ] B _______cbms of________________________________________,____% more or less at ________option [Charterers' option or Owners' option].
    _________________ / ________________.
    4Loading /Discharging Port(s): [ Indicate Alternative (A) or (B) with√]
    [ ] (A) _____safe port(s) at________________/________________ .
    [ ] (B) _____safe berth(s) at port(s) of _____________________/__________________.
    5Loading/Discharging Rate: [Indicate AlternativeAorBor (C) with√]
    [ ] A_________/__________m/ts per weather working day, Sundays and holidays excepted unless used (PWWD SHEX UU) .
    [ ] B_________/___________m/ts per weather working day , Sundays and holidays excepted even if used (PWWD SHEX EIU).
    [ ] CCustomary quick despatch at port(s) of_________[ loading or discharging](CQD).
    6Laytime Calculation: [ Indicate AlternativeAorBwith√]
    [ ] ASeparate laytime for loading and discharging.
    [ ] BTotal laytime for loading and discharging.
    7Freight Rate: [ Indicate AlternativeAorBorCor Dwith√]
    [ ] ALumpsum _____________ fiost.
    [ ] B__________ per________[net or gross] m/t fiost .
    [ ] C__________ per________[net or gross] m/t on free in and liner out .
    [ ] D__________ per________[net or gross] cbm fiost.
    8Freight Payment: [Indicate AlternativeAorB orCwith√]
    [ ] AFreight to be paid within _____banking days after completion of loading .
    [ ] BFreight to be paid within _____banking days after completion of loading, but always before breaking bulk.

    Freight collected or to be collected as per aforesaid (A) or (B) shall be deemed earned by Owners upon cargo loading on board, and such freight must be paid by Charterers non-returnable and non-discountable whether vessel/cargo lost or not.

    [ ] (C) Freight to be paid within _____banking days after completion of discharging.
    ____________/__________per day or pro rata to be settled within____days after completion of discharging provided that Owner's lien,if any,on the cargo shall not be affected by this provision.
    10Taxes/Dues/ Fee
    Taxes/dues/fee if any on vessel/freight to be for Owners' account, howsoever the amount thereof may be assessed. Same on cargo if any to be for Charterers' account, howsoever the amount thereof may be assessed.
    11Agency: [ Indicate AlternativeAor (Bwith√]
    [ ] AOwners' agents both ends.
    [ ] BOwners' agent at loading port and Charterers' agent at discharging port.
    12Commission: [ Indicate AlternativeAorBwith√]
    [ ] (A) Commission on freight, dead-freight and demurrage totals____ percent including
    address commission.
    [ ] (B) Commission on freight, dead-freight and demurrage totals____percent , plus____
    percent to be for __________________________________________ .
    13Law and Arbitration
    This Fixture Note shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Chinese law, and the Charter Party shall be established when this Fixture Note is signed. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Fixture Note shall be submitted to China Maritime Arbitration Commission for arbitration in Beijing. The arbitration award shall be final and binding upon the parties.
    14Gencon Charter: [ Indicate Alternative (A) or (B) with√]
    [ ] (A) Other terms and conditions are as per Gencon Charter 1994, except Clause 2.
    [ ] (B) Other terms and conditions are as per Gencon Charter 1976, except Clause(s)

    15Special Provisions:


    ______________________   ______________________
    Owners' signature       Charterers' signature
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    Phản hồi: fixture note

    1 trong những điều khoản quan trọng nhất của Fixture Note là điều khoản quy định về Freight Rate.
    Khác với khai thác tàu chơ - có mẫu hợp đồng cố định và người thuê tàu không được đàm phán các điều khoản có sẵn trong hợp đồng, hợp đồng thuê tàu chuyến mà cụ thể là Fixture Note lại là sự thỏa thuận hết sức rõ ràng chi tiết giữa Chủ hàng và Chủ tàu. Ở điều khoản quy định về giá cước chuyên chở sẽ phải chú ý đến Chi phí xếp dỡ hàng hóa chẳng hạn như hợp đồng quy định điều kiện chuyên chở là:

    + FIOST
    + FILO
    + LIFO
    + Liner term both ends/full liner terms/Berth terms/Gross terms.

    Hy vọng, chúng ta có thể dựa vào Topic về Fixture Note này để phát triển, mở rộng tìm hiểu cụ thể về các điều khoản trong Fixture Note, cách thức lập 1 Fixture Note.

    Mong nhận được ý kiến thảo luận của nhiều người.

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